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How to choose children’s pajamas?

Children’s pajamas and clothes for the home are something that we do not show to others. These are the things that we buy, thinking about real comfort and the sensations of a child. How to choose these clothes so that the baby is comfortable, calm, and he will more self-confidence?

These things often need to be updated and you don’t want to waste a lot of money on something you don’t really boast about … And here the key point is to get rid of your desire to dress a child in order to please others, buy quality clothes for a BABY. Believe me, it is not a successful photo in insta that depends on these things, which are closest to the body, but the health, development, growth, mood and even the character of the baby!

What’s trending?

Today, the trend is quality! Natural fabrics, pastel colors for sissies and toddlers, and a sporty look for older children who use the night to rest before their day’s feats and achievements.

The creators of pajamas want their masterpieces to be loved by kids. This is how your favorite animals with cute little faces appear on pajamas. It’s amazing what a pajamas with the right print can do!

A growing fan of dinosaurs will be delighted by a cheerful  company of animals depicted on his favorite pajamas , and a girl who has already believed in fairies will sleep well and have magical dreams in pale pink pajamas with clouds, stars and flying fairies.

It is very important that the illustration is appropriate for the child’s age and development. Do not offer a panda or a cute bear to a brave skateboarder, and if your daughter has already outgrown her love for unicorns and met “great love” in the form of a boy Dani in the first grade, offer her a home outfit in hearts – she already knows a lot about real feelings.

Rules for choosing happy pajamas


To keep your baby comfortable while sleeping and playing at home, pajamas should be sized. Do not buy large size clothes – it will be inconvenient for the child to move, and sleep too! Naturally, you should take into account that the child’s ability to quickly take off his pants to sit on the potty and the ability to easily change clothes before walking – it all depends on the needs and stage of development of the child.


Good  pajamas should be made from natural cotton. It is the gentle touch of cotton on the skin that the baby perceives both calmly and with pleasure – as if his mother was tenderly stroking his little body.

Seamless clothing

Comfortable clothes without twisted, annoying and prickly seams allow the child to enjoy their discoveries, and in a dream – how to relax and gain strength.

No deformation during washing and spinning

Сhildren’s pajamas must be resistant to deformation during washing and spinning in an automatic washing machine.

Protection from ultraviolet radiation

 The child can sleep at the open window, or can run out into the street in pajamas and there “catch” a portion of the sun’s rays. Choose ultraviolet-resistant baby pajamas.

Special bedtime rituals

Of course, each of us at least once in our life said: “The child fell asleep – it’s not only“ cute ”, but also“ finally ”… It is clear that at the end of the day we are tired and the kids are overexcited. Whims begin, some water, a toilet, another fairy tale, and then – also a song, and then – the closet suddenly became scary or … such loneliness rolled over that you just need to move to your bed … And here, too, the answer is pajamas!

Not nerves, screams and lectures, but soft pajamas. Let it become a signal that we all calm down, speak more quietly, turn on the night light … It will set you and your baby in the evening tenderness and hugs, help you slow down a little and remember that all these moments when you need to fall asleep are so fleeting. Enjoy them while the little ones are tiny.  Whisper words of love, hum a lullaby softly and create happy memories.

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